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The 2019 Art & Olfaction Awards

The 2019 Art & Olfaction Awards took place at Oude Kerk, Amsterdam on 2 May


Winners of the Artisan Award

(for a perfume made by a perfumer-owned brand)


Hyde by Hiram Green Perfumes




Powder and Dust by SP Parfums



Winners of the Independent Award

(for perfumes made by brands who work with independent perfumers)


Rich Mess by Ryan Richmond

Perfumer : Christophe Laudamiel




Colorado by American Perfumer

Perfumer: Dawn Spencer Hurwitz



Winner of the Aftel Award for Handmade Perfume

(for a perfume not only formulated by but also handmade by the perfumer)


Maderas de Oriente Oscuro by Paul Kiler of PK Perfumes



Winner of the Sadakichi Award for Experimental Work with Scent


Diary of Smells – Glass Ceiling by Josely Carvalho – ‘I like the idea of breaking what is considered to be art’ – with perfumer Leandro Petit.



Winner of the Septimus Piesse Visionary Award

Frederik Duerinck



Winner of the Contribution to Scent Culture Award

Sissel Tolaas  (incidentally, our Beautiful Mind interview for February 2019)