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Zowie Broach Reading List

Spend the Near-Future Reading & Watching These 

'leave no maggot lonely…'   Harold Pinter on Samuel Beckett.


New Systems

All Machines of Loving Grace  1 / 2 & 3 –  directed and produced by Adam Curtis    


New investigation with gender and technology  


Jemima Stehli Studio Mirror

Bruce Sterling talks of a Dark Euphoria, Observant Power Relations and a future world that’s scarcely describable



Gaming lecture – Jesse Schell

Gaming article The Journey

Holy Motors  directed by Leo Carax – available on i-tunes to rent.

Aaron Schwartz

Cory Doctorow: The coming Civil War over General purpose Computing

The Congress - 2013 live-action/animated science fiction drama film written and directed by Ari Folman, based on Stanisław Lem's novel The Futurological Congress. 



Pinter on Beckett

JG Ballard on Burroughs

Dead Man – Neil Young



Goldsmith, K. (2011) Uncreative Writing. Managing Language in the Digital Age. New York. Columbia University Press.

John Cage Studio rules/Sister Corita Kent.

Berardi, F. B.  (2011) After the Future. Edinburgh. AK Press UK.

Zumthor, P. (2006) Atmospheres. Basel. Boston. Berlin. Birkhauser Verlag AG.

Auge, M. (1995) Non-Places. An Introduction to Supermodernity. London, Brooklyn. Verso.

Rovelli, Carlo ( 2018) The Order of Time. London, Penguin Books.